Thursday, 30 August 2007

Will this be tame enough?

Today someone asked whether my blog from EEA3 Sibiu would be "tame enough" to link to from an institutional website. I was a bit stumped. Were my previous efforts at blogging seen as too risqué?
I'm actually more worried that I won't write anything interesting while I'm in Sibiu because I'll be too busy trying to cope with the needs of the 300+ journalists in the press room. It's much more likely that my reports will go something along the lines of "worked, felt tired, drank some beer, fell asleep".
I'm sure though that the Sibiu meeting is going to be interesting in all sorts of ways, I'm just not sure that I'll experience a great deal of it myself - here's hoping that they've got the right cable to give us at least an audio feed from the main tent.
And yes ok perhaps I'm not very tame, but I will try to be responsible - I just won't really be part of the action.