Thursday, 30 December 2010

Flowers and gratitude

Four weeks ago today I was given a bunch of flowers as a thank you, I was a bit embarassed - feeling perhaps that others deserved flowers more than I did but I was pleased too.
Despite being in a heated wintertime house the flowers lasted well, for once I managed to look after them well and these two lovely spider chrysanthemums which remain from the bunch have added their star-like colour to our Christmas table and may well even last into the new year.
A reminder to me to pass on gratitude and signs of thankfulness to others.


Fulata said...

Grace is a gift from God. we do not need to work hard to earn it, feel worthy enough to deserve it, or surrender our needs to receive it. The gift of grace is our birthright (Cheryl Richardson, 2005)...but these beautiful flowers, you did deserve them, my dear sister, Jane.

Jane said...

Fulata you are a VERY dear friend - thank you - others also deserved the flowers ... so we try to share!