Sunday, 19 June 2011

Does the Church have a future? More to the point does my blogging or writing have a future?

The poetics of ecumenism
Fragments of ecumenism
Is it all over?
The still small voice of the world church
Diversity dialogue daring

All of those are titles for articles I didn't or haven't yet written. The theme I was given to write on was "The Future of the Church"- In the end I submitted something that was a bit less "edgey" and rather less philosophical than some of my original thoughts. I suppose I am a reformer rather than a revolutionary so perhaps I shouldn't expect too much in the way of radical thinking from myself. Anyway in the weeks ahead I am going to try and set myself the task of writing something on each of the titles I had as working ideas as I wrote the rather more staid article I finally submitted tonight. If and when that gets published online I'll also be sure to link to it.
In the meantime I thought it was time I tried to get back to the blog. Life has been rather more than busy in recent weeks, we also have a house guest which means that I spend more time talking and less time with the real life of the virtual world - it is terrible when real life takes you away from blogging!


Hansuli John Gerber said...

Very interesting Jane. I am invited to present a paper on the future of the church (in Europe I think primarily) in the US next October. So my eyes and ears are wide open and my curiosity even bigger than usual on things like that. Perhaps we should sit over some glass or cup this summer and brainstorm....

Jane said...

Hi Hansuli - that would be great after we have come back from our Europareise! greetings to both of you - hope you are well!