Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Exterminate him?

No of course not. However, I do live with a man who thinks Daleks are cuddly toys just look at how this one makes him smile. I think this is probably the reason that he keeps on saying that we've had a really great holiday, well one of the reasons anyway.
I am going to get him to do some guest blogs about our brilliant and crazy journey. We have both returned home to work and life with smiles on our faces and looking relaxed despite carrying ridiculously large suitcases around Europe for over two weeks. Now if Daleks ever did decide to become benevolent perhaps they could reinvent the sent on ahead luggage system that almost all European railways now seem to think should be confined to the dustbin of history.
Anyway this Dalek was spotted in Waterstones in Norwich and I was instructed to take these photos. Dr B was overjoyed to uncover this as part of our holiday! (Yes he is a very big Dr Who fan ...)

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Carole said...

Delighted to hear this. Two connections with Dr Who at this end - Nicholas Courtney who played The Brigadier (not that I need to tell you that) was an Elder at Muswell Hill URC and him reading the lesson was a whole new experience of scripture being declaimed. Secondly - the choir I sing in does the music for the Dr Who series. Great fun and we sometimes get to see the rushes in the studio!!! Glad Dr B is a fan.