Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Uruguay may be out or perhaps not quite - but God's playfulness remains

I've not been able to keep up posting all the liturgies from worship in the ecumenical centre chapelt in recent weeks but clearing through my email box I'm managing to piece most of them together now. Tonight I discovered some fun sermon notes on football hope and religion by my colleague Guillermo Kerber who is from Uruguay.
In his notes he quotes
Eduardo Galeano, an Uruguayan writer asks, “What do football and God have in common? The devotion of the believers and the rejection of many intellectuals”

There's also a good liturgy which amongst other things celebrates God's essential playfulness.

Oh dear Uruguay have just not made it through to the final but it was a great end to the match.

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Anonymous said...

Only a miracle could have done it, a goal in the last 60 seconds. But the Almighty seems to have moved out of the La Plata River...