Sunday, 25 July 2010

What does ABC mean to you?

So although I have blogged much less in recent weeks I have tried to add a few new links to my side bar. Really my blog should have a bit of an overhaul but honestly I'm not all that at house work in the real work so I see no reason to start trying to prove otherwise in the virtual world.
Anyway one of the links is to the new ABC Religion and Ethics site which is a place I could happily spend far too much time I suspect. I read about it first here on Ben Myers Faith and Theology and, because on the post he publicises it on there's a picture of Rowan Williams, I took the ABC to mean Archbishop of Canterbury, I was a bit flumoxed for a while! Anyway it is well worth checking out.

So what does ABC mean to you, any other acronyms out there?

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