Saturday, 2 October 2010

Proclamation of faith and calligraphy from Wythenshawe

Over on Breadbreaker Kate Gray has posted the text below and titled it "A 21st century proclamation of faith in Jesus?"
Kate and her husband Mike Walsh wrote the text for the service of dedication of their son Zebedee.

Our faith is about our whole life lived in the company of God
Our faith says life is precious, to be nurtured and celebrated
Our faith is about living gently with the earth

Our faith is inspired by Jesus and many other people
Our faith is about love and hope for everyone no matter what’s happened
Our faith calls us to mix and mingle with all sorts

Our faith calls all people to get involved in something bigger than ourselves
Our faith encourages us to be ourselves and make room for others
Our faith energises us to make a positive difference

Our faith values people over profit
Our faith is intuitive, sensuous and honours our bodies
Our faith is dynamic and open to challenge and change

Our faith is about creativity over consumerism
Our faith brings healing where there is suffering
Our faith should be seen and heard and obvious to people around us

Our faith has drawn us to and away from and back to church
Our faith inspires us like fantastic music
Our faith dares us to dream of a future with wild imagination

God’s faith in us never stops.
God wants us to make the most of things.
God never fails to surprise, challenge or love us all.

copyright (c) Kate Gray and Mike Walsh

I also have to thank Kate for linking to Stephen Raw's amazing calligraphic oeuvre I've just spent about an hour looking through his website, an artist fascinated by words and letters and inspired by the religious. His work is wonderful, I may have to treat myself or just get inspired to do some work myself.