Monday, 14 March 2011

Some news of later this year ...

Some people are friends on facebook, some folk read my blog, others follow on twitter, some folk are well, just friends.
Anyway, incase you didn't already know, here is the news. Later this year the stranzblog will be moving to Paris. Not until October and it looks as if there will be quite a lot of traffic between Ferney Voltaire and a northern Paris suburb in the first instance.
I have been appointed the ecumenical officer of the French Protestant Federation, in the first instance for 2 years as I work on projects around inter-religious dialogue and intercultural ministry with the 20 plus member churches who are part of the Federation. I am both very happy and quite terrified but as you can imagine I have lots of crazy ideas about how to go about the job as well.
In the meantime however I am looking forward to the next six months before leaving Geneva. To the Peace Convocation in Jamaica, the Kirchentag in Dresden and much else besides. Lots to do and then at some point I suppose there will be quite a bit of packing, though there again perhaps not so much ... Dr B also has a new job ... in Geneva. People smile when I tell them this and say "Oh that's very modern to do marriage that commuting way these days". As we head towards our 20th anniversary I realise that commuting was where we started out, between London, Brussels, Strasbourg and Dunkerque. Things do come full circle.

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Barbara O said...

Congratulations on your new jobs - Geneva to Paris is probably slightly easier than Geneva to Manchester [that worked for 13 years for us]
It sounds like an exciting new challenge for you - but you are just the right person. xx