Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Sunday wine

Our friend Olive regularly brings wine to our house for special occasions - we do absolutely nothing to warrant this generosity, we are really rather indolent friends ... Anyway, thanks to her provisions, yesterday lunchtime we drank two extraordinary and very delicious bottles of "La Conseillante" from the year before we arrived in France ... we also drank a bottle of Candian icewine which had been a gift for a wonderful wedding I had pleasure taking a couple of years ago. After church in the morning one of the parishioners had brought a magnum of champagne to be shared after the service with the coffee and biscuits ... it's a great Easter tradition.
Meanwhile the Vermentino is the one wine we actually bought ourselves, and is considerably more modestly priced!
Just to reassure you, there was juice and much water consumed as well and there were more than just the two of us for lunch ... menu to follow!

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