Monday, 23 May 2011

Whatever langwij you speak, may your words be words of peace

Every day I go past "Di Jamiekan Langwij Yuunit" several times on my way between the various places I need to get too. It always makes me smile and I'm a bit sad that the WCC's langwij yuunit hasn't managed to link up with them. Last night I stayed behind in the tent to offer moral, though I admit not much practical, support to the great colleagues and stewards who had to work very hard to take down all of the equipment following the great musical we had last night. Listening to the local Jamaican stewards I realised that the local language is very beautiful but that often I'm only pretending to understand. I'm pleased to say that this is mutual, my rather horrid RP (received pronunciation) English seems to be just as difficult for many Jamaicans. Anyway by the time I leave on Friday I really hope to have got my Jamaican vowels practised to perfection. Peace mon, yeah mon!

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Rogate Mshana said...

You are doing a good job Jane. Yesterday durung the Caribbean day, they began to teach us the local language beyond ye mon.