Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Discovery of tapestry as art

By chance today we eneded up at the museum for the decorative arts here in Trondheim. It's a very small place and not a very up to date museum but on the top floor are some brilliant works of art in textile format beautifully displayed. One whole room is given over to teh work of Hannah Ryggen who was oringinally a painter but on moving to Trondheim took up weaving and used this art form. I have never seen the wone form depct things in such a painterly way. Because they are fabric and already quite old they have to be displayed in reduced light but the colours are extraordianrily vibrant and the subject matter very engaged with the political. The fight against fascism and the horrors of war, the Abyssininian war and much more besides, including a work inspired by T.S. Eliott's words "Love is like a burning cloak woven by unknown hands. It envelops us like a fire. We cannot free ourselves. It is life - no life without it."
Most of the other works were by Synnove Anker Aurdal whose work simply made me smile with pleasure at her humour and use of colour. There are two lovely friezes one called "more bureaucrats" and another called "international conference" which spoke to my current life!
It was a delight and a surprise to discover new artists and almost new art forms as we were coming away from visiting the cathedral. Very energising. There was also some very beautiful artisitic glass at the museum so although we were not there long it really added something to our day.

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