Thursday, 14 July 2011

"Ze Bible" - a great new French Bible for young people

Today is Bastille Day and a public holiday in France, though not in Switzerland where I work. At morning prayer I gave away a copy of the Bible in French, and not just any copy but the latest and hippest version of the Bible "ZeBible". This of course needs to be pronounced with a certain Gallic argotic shrug "sebeeble". This Bible has its own Website and Facebook page. (please click on "j'aime").

ZeBible has a great layout, lots of room for notes and questions and is generally a really good thing. It tries to speak to young people, and even not so young people, in their own language and make reading the age old stories fun, interesting and thought provoking. A way of linking their story, our story, with the story of stories.

The Facebook and website have daily readings and lots of other spaces for discussion and exchange of ideas and information. There's great energy behind the project which is built for the long term, so get involved if you can read French.

As with any annotated Bible it's taken a lot of people a number of years to get it done but the result is really great. If anyone is coming through Ferney Voltaire this Summer I still have two copies to give away but you may have to visit us as penance.