Sunday, 14 October 2007

Eating my way around Rome

One reason I took the night train was to be able to have some chance of just wandering around Rome in the daylight and just drinking it all in. It was only my second visit and my first was just in January so I still have lots to discover - like the fact that I will of course never come out of the metro station where I think I should and so get lost and that it seems almost impossible to get a bus map.
I've been walking past the Colisseum and Forum twice a day, literally going past thousands of years of history. This enormous human endeavour from the past is both beautiful and very humbling. Going early to my course meant that there were fewer people around.
However no trip to Italy would be right with out culinary discoveries. Giorgio and Luca had friends over on Thursday evening, a young woman minister in the Protestant church and her partner and child, Giorgio cooked the most amazing minced beaf and spinach roulade which we ate with the sweetest, ripest vine tomatoes; last night we had seafood at a wonderful Sardinian restaurant - including not only pasta con vongole but vongole with fish roe. Quite divine. The previous evening at Giorgio's sister we ate Sicilian specialities, anchovies wrapped in lettuce and utterly amazing almond pasties. So far my favourite discovery is flat bread filled with spinach and mozarella, served hot. A little place near where my course takes place in the via Luchesi serves one that's delicious and there's just time to eat it in the lunch hour, together with hundreds of other tourists who are staring at the Trevi fountain.
However I have yet to find a good cup of tea, delicious as the coffee is!