Sunday, 21 October 2007

More writing, less blogging

One of the reasons I've been blogging less is because of trying to assimilate the course I started in Rome last weekend. I have to keep a log book as part of the ongoing work and that means there's less time to blog - and for obvious reasons of confidentiality I can't put my log book online!
The course helps international teams look at management and spirituality in a holistic way. In my application form I wrote something like, "I believe management is a theological task". There's a surprising amount of stuff out there on management and spirituality, some of it interesting some of it less so. It seems as though because spirituality is the new buzz word it's being used to repackage some management concepts, but perhaps that's just me being cynical. What I actually find interesting is that this push for a different, less confrontational style of management seems to be led by management practioners and academics and not by the churches or religions. There seems to a lot of emphasis in what I've seen so far on spirituality not being like religion, strange that spirituality is seen as being more acceptable than religion - more warm and fuzzy perhaps in the general imagination. That's a little difficult for me to engage with as I tend to see my own spirituality as angry, joyful, weeping, frustrated and nourished by intellect, but who knows maybe I'm warmer and fuzzier than I think!