Monday, 29 October 2007

Talking faith

Two of the WCC's former youth interns Naveen Qayyum from Pakistan and Gustavo Bonato from Brazil work together to promote Naveen's film called Talking Faith.
It's a really interesting project seeking to speak about interreligious dialogue in a non western way. thanks to the technology of the internet it's a global project too, a really brilliant example of a new practical ecumenism.
The film's next screening was due to be at the Kara Film festival in Pakistan during November. The festival has now been postponed as a mark of respect to over 130 people who lost their lives in the recent bomb attack in Pakistan. However, you can view or download the film yourselves and get involved in talking faith and talking about faith, showing that despite attempts to stifle political debate dialogue really is possible.


Gustavo Bonato said...

Heeey! Thanks for the advertisement!

Simon Barrow said...

Sounds an excellent project, which we should also promote via Ekklesia. Good to be in touch, Jane. Can't see your email anywhere, so do you want to drop me a note? simonbarrowukATgmailDOTcom.

Naveen said...

Thanks very much Jane for giving space to TF and that also in such a good way, I am sure this would get us some more hits on our website !
Also so good to be in touch with you, as many times my emails to you returned, gteeting to Stephan and good luck for his thesis !