Sunday, 20 September 2009

Another book, another thought ...

Somehow yesterday I didn't quite make it out of our local bookshop without buying something. Quelles ressources spirituelles pour faire face à l'épuisement des ressources naturelles ? took my fancy, it's a series of shortish essays on what spiritual resources we need to develop in order to face the depletion in natural resources. The authors are almost exclusively roman Catholic but represent a wide spectrum of views and ideas on both ecological and economic challenges and choices facing us today. I've actually bought it in the hope that I can persuade a friend to review it for Ecumenical Review. It was put together following a meeting held by Chrétiens et pic de pétrole, a group I've not come across before based in Lyon.
Anyway, it's an interesting read of bite-size, thought-provoking pieces and offers a more philosophical and spiritual series of entry points into the issues than some material on the same subjects in English.