Wednesday, 30 September 2009


The news tells the story of tsunamis in the home countries of two of our younger colleagues; a family home destroyed, lives lost, lives saved. The news tells of a severe earthquake in a country where good friends have gone to celebrate their son's wedding to a local woman, I wait for news and hope. The news tells of floods and devastation in a city with a population twice that of the country of Switzerland, somewhere in that city I have a friend. The news tells of women raped while searching for water and food for their families. The news tells ...
From Manilla to Samoa, from Chad to Sulawesi to Sumatra to Tonga, from Amsterdam to Berlin to Nairobi to Chad to Darfur to Hong Kong to Sidney to Rio to Nagasaki to Damascus to Alexandria, from Bethlehem and from Rome ... the news just keeps on coming.
It's hard for my prayers to keep up, to focus, to connect, to have meaning ... but still I try in the midst of busy days and terrible news to make time to pray, to believe it might somehow make a difference.
And you?

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janetlees said...

'Pray at all times' I remember some old bloke wrote that and I was 17 when I decided to try. So I do pray as much and as often as possible and it seems like a very very very very thin thread that connects me with you and all those other things you mentioned and with all the other things folks mentioned to me and so on. But that very very very very thin thread is the stuff of life, so I keep doing it.