Thursday, 17 June 2010

From tweeting to blogging and back again ...

So as well as tweeting and interpreting over thenext few days I'm also going to try and get folk to blog on the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace blog. My boss for these days Kristine Greenaway has written a late night post from the press room last night and we've both got other folk we're trying to encourage to write. We'll see what we manage between now and the end of next week ... if you're at the Council and reading this and would like to write a post, drop by the press room and leave us your name.
Meanwhile the official writers have been working hard. Charles Honey who's in charge of the newsletter and newsroom has written a great piece about a discussion of the Accra confession and it comes with a great picture by of the wonderful Ofelia Ortega. Esther Suter from Switzerland has been writing reports from the women's pre-Council meeting