Friday, 11 June 2010

Travelling again

The stranzblog is about to set out on another journey and not by train but by plane this time (boo hiss!). Tomorrow morning early I shall take the plane to Grand Rapids Michigan USA for the Uniting General Council of the World Alliance of Reformed Churche on its way to becoming the World Communion of Reformed Churches. I shall be interpreting and editing and no doubt doing other things at the assembly.
And guess what this will be the first time in my life I have travelled to the USA ... I can't exactly say I'm looking forward to it but I'm sure it's going to be interesting. By the end of the month of June I shall have spend 5 nights at home ...

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Mavis said...

Hey Jane look out for my beloved husband. One of the six Aussies in GR and teh only one with a (very slight) Kiwi accent. He's packing his bags as I type.