Tuesday, 17 August 2010

21 years ago tonight ...

Tonight we have been dining at 330 metres above Liverpool at the Panoramic.
It was simply wonderful, the views stunning the food utterly ambrosial and exquisite, the staff brilliant. We particularly enjoyed the French waiter who told us "Zay are all Scousers in the ze kitchen you know ... very good".
It was only when we came back to our room that I reminded Dr B that today was the anniversary of us deciding to get married.
Late in the night of the 17-18 August in 1989 we finally had a conversation that sort of ended (this of course is my version Dr B's would be a bit different) with me saying "if you're asking me to marry you ththe anen swer is yes:" and him replying something along the lines of "you could at least wait for me to actually ask!"
So tonight we drank champagne looking out over the amazing skyline of Liverpool, watching the sun set and the lights come on, and we thought back to Berlin 21 years ago. A wall was there and its existence led to us knowing we would be apart for the upcoming 12 months - Dr B's activities in the peace movement meant he had been banned from entering the former GDR. That day he had been escorted by GDR border police at Friedrichstrasse back to the West Berlin underground ...
Perhaps without this encoruagement he would never have half got around to almost asking the question!
Anyway 21 years later here we are watching the sunset and contemplating what the future may or may not hold ... it has been a good day whatever the future may hold.