Thursday, 15 April 2010

First woman elected to head the Christian Conference of Asia

Today Rev. Henriette Tabita Hutabarat-Lebangat became the first woman to be elected to head the Christian Conference of Asia. According to ENI she will take up office as the general secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia at their Chiang Mai headquarters later this year.
This really marks a change so let's hope it opens the door to a woman maybe heading one of the world confessional bodies or even the WCC. (This post has been edited following Faautu's comment below where you can read about the two women general secretaries of the Pacific ... it does seem to be taking time for women's leadership to be accepted so let's see how things progress!)

You can read more on the CCA assembly here and also the full text of the WCC general secretary's keynote address to the CCA. In that he also welcomed Lebangat's election as an "an important milestone in the ecumenical movement."


Faautu said...

Hi Jane,

Just wanted to let you know that the Pacific Conference of Churches has had two women as their General Secretary - Fetaui Mataafa in the 70s and Vala Motu just before Fei.

Sorry! Just thought I'd inform you! :)

G'nite! :)

Jane said...

Good to know - even better - thanks Faautu - always check your facts!