Monday, 12 April 2010

The gospel - how ridiculous

In his sermon this morning Jooseup Keum said "how ridiculous" referring to Jesus washing his disciples feet. It really set me thinking about rationalitiy and spirituality, belief being foolishness to the Greeks and all that. It's too late for me to say much more for now, but it was a good start to the working week.
You can find Jooseup's thought-provoking sermon in full here but here are two extracts:

It was a lonely way. Jesus' way to the cross was a lonely way.
Nobody dared to walk together with him, even his disciples, maybe even us.
Imagine him, imagine his journey, he who is walking alone toward a cross. He carries all the agonies and sad stories of powerless people there. Somebody has lost their son, someone is crying, and someone is beating someone, someone is attempting suicide – can he provide any hope in their lives?
In the Gospel of John, Jesus is claiming the way is through washing the feet of his disciples. How ridiculous!
There are many ways in the world – motorway, bullet train and flight – however Jesus chose a tough, very lonely and slow way; off road. He is walking alone on a long endless mountainous path down to Galilee and waiting his disciples and us there. On his way to Galilee, he creates a new community of hope and love