Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

We are drinking tea in Pankow following a really wonderful Easter service at the church of the four evangelists which was led by Ruth Misselwitz. What I found particularly heartening were the large number of young families and children at the service which was full, it was traditional and simple and real. I was deeply moved simply to be part of it, to realise how deeply I still know the German liturgy by heart and what a privilege that is too. I'll write a bit about some of my complex Easter emotions later - I was in tears for parts of the service but there was laughter too, as the children stormed back into the church carrying their Easter chocolates, just as the final communion thanksgiving prayer was being said at the altar!
For now I'm a little too close to the emotion of it all and truth be told I'm actually just trying out my new Easter egg, a German vodaphone dongle which means I can connect across borders much more cheaply and practically than via my mobile phone. It took non-technically minded me precisely 90 seconds to set it all up. I'm impressed. You won't be able to stop me tweeting now - must be all those Easter chicks!