Friday, 24 September 2010

A bellfry, a restaurant and wine ...

We drove down to Grenoble on the motorway and then headed for a new way for us across the mountains. It was fascinating - if at times very wet - seeing the changing vegetation and then fianlly coming down into the Nyons valley and seeing our first olive trees. We really are in the midi now. I love tht about travelling southwards in France, suddenly you just know you're in a different place, the mediterranean makes its mark.
Another marker of being in Provence are the lovely bellfries in the towns and viallages - pictured here is the one from Nyons where we are staying for the night.
Then I could resist more pictures from the splendid Resto des Arts including the lovely local Visan wine which we took to perhaps rather too much! (Do check out these great photos of the confererie here - great fun!)

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Anonymous said...

The wine has the papal key on the label because it comes from a territory called the "Enclave des Papes" which was controlled by the papacy until 1814.