Monday, 13 September 2010

A tough day for theology ...

My wonderful colleague Theodore Gill preached a bravura sermon again this morning - we must send him away for long weekends the beautiful Swiss scenery more often I sense ... it was an enlivening and thoughtfull way to begin our week:

A tough day for Theology. Much better P.R. for Science, which
apparently has now solved the riddle of Creation without an assist from a

But I can’t help wondering whether the headline “Theology is
unnecessary, says Hawking” will go down in the annals of journalism with “The
end of history, says Fukuyama”.

You remember “the end of history”, just after the Berlin Wall came
down? But then, there was September 11, 2001 … And I also wondered: Whatever
became of humility? And whatever became of Thomas Kuhn?

Theo moved from reflecting on Toblerone to thinking about paradigm shifts and kept on repeating but whatever became of humility?

Is “Theology” necessary? I don’t know. I really don’t. I suppose it
depends on your goal.

But I do know that repentance is necessary. Humility is necessary.
Careful – “care-full” – thought is necessary.

And… Beauty is to be desired, and affirmed, wherever we find

You can find the full text here.