Monday, 20 September 2010

We are on holiday and here is proof!

It's only when I get the chance for a lie-in that I realise how tired I am. Today i woke as always just before six but then after a cup of tea in bed fell asleep again. bliss!

We have had a very simply lunch in our very own holiday home in the Ferney sunshine. It was delicious, no wine just "chateau la pompe" and now the chance for a snooze ... well we could be tidying up a bit but I think we might put that off until we come back from the Languedoc where we shall head off to at the end of this week. For now we're just preparing to travel, thinking about all the books we want to take with us and what we might want to do while we're away - probably more days sleeping, thinking, dawdling in bed and pottering on with life. Wonderful.

Ah yes and I've started reading Philip Roth's The Humbling - even only part way in it has given me much to think about. Wonderful pithy writing and a challenge for me to be reading a novella by such a man's man.