Sunday, 30 November 2008

Credo tweet meme for a dozey blogger

It is not surprising given my complete unsportiness that the first time I get invited to play blog tag, I'm too dozey, unfit and stressed out to even notice! I never was all that good at tag even in the play ground. Anyway the splendid and irrepressible David Ker over on Lingamish has launched a great challenge to write a credo in the 140 signs you get for a Twitter post. So far late at night in my dozey state I've managed one in English and one in French.
As I was doing this I began to wonder whether I believe rather differently when I'm thinking in French ... this was quite a challenging thought - I think I believe God is "tout en tout" more than I believe God is "all in all" - tout en tout means something to me at a more profound level. Also the idea of God being "le tout Autre" is something more difficult to express in English. So these two versions are not translations just attempts at saying something I believe in each language.

Anyway the rules of the meme are to link to David's post and to tag five more people so I tag Roger Schmidt (and anyone else on the LWF youth blog who wants to join in), Georgina, Annie, Rachel and Lac19 (I'm not allowed to link to his blog because ... well it's complicated but hey that's life). And I think folk should write in whatever language they like, David even allows sms language so go for it!
Meanwhile David has now moved on to encouraging folk to take the Beliefomatic test on belief net. Not sure that I found it that edifying myself but tests are quite fun - we somehow hope to discover something about ourselves.
Before giving you my Twitter credo I should admit that every time I have tried to sign up for it I have failed miserably. If you have any tips on that then do let me know - maybe it's the converted Azerty keyboard ...

I believe in God
all in all
Eternal compassion, wisdom and judgement
Incarnate and risen amongst us
Calling us
to love one another
care for creation
be peacemakers.

Je crois en Dieu
Tout en tout
et tout autre
Compassion , sagesse et jugement
Incarné et réssucité parmi nous
Il nous appelle à oeuvrer pour un royaume de paix et de l’amour


GEORGE said...

Eeeeshk. This is why I shouldn't 'just have a quick last check of the interweb before I go to bed'. A challenge! This I shall enjoy...

David Ker said...

And here I thought you blew it off. Thanks and Merci. I don't know much French but I'm sure that one is better. And I totally agree about two languages thinking differently. I'll have to try this in Nyungwe and Portuguese.

Jane said...

Praising the French you don't really understand is an interesting back handed compliment
The French REformed Church always says a confession of faith during which people stand - sometimes it's a traditional one other times it isn't. Creeds are not part of what I grew up with - English Congregationalism does not give them such a central liturgical place as the ERF.
I spent my young years in a great fun but very theologically conservative youth fellowship being told that we should just accept the trinity and that if the Bible said the world was made in 7 days that should be good enough for us. In the end that faith did not satisfy my soul and saying "Jesus Christ is Lord" also doesn't speak of the diversity of God's presence, action and risen power in the world for me. Probably as I get older I'm also getting more Jewish in my understanding of God.
Anyway I think it's a great idea and and thansk for tagging me - even if it takes me a while to catch on