Saturday, 15 November 2008

A plural God allows for plural and profound expressions of faith

I came away from teaching catechism today profoundly at peace. The four hours we spent with the young people went well and some of the paintings of intangible ideas like friendship, solidarity, love, equality ... were very moving. The prayers the young people wrote as we meditated Roublev's icon of the trinity were unexpectedly profound.
I realised how at home I am in that sort of work and how good it is for me to be able to have some roots in the local context. I think I came home feeling at peace because I felt at home in my church and in the way it encourages young people to discover God for themselves without forcing or insisting. I felt we were helping them discover their own tentative language of faith and prayer.
Perhaps it also helped that we tried to learn how to juggle with tangerines in our lunch break!
I came home feeling gentle contentment and a sense of connection with God, people and the place I live.