Thursday, 6 November 2008

A prayer from Haiti

From the book "God Is No Stranger: Prayers from Haiti" -
used in morning chapel service, 6 November 2008 led by Sylvia Raulo, who is the LWF field officer in Haiti.

help us not connect ourselves to things;
we may have four dresses today,
but maybe there will be a time
when we won't have any.
Help us connect ourselves to God's Word.
Lord, hear our prayer.

we don't get mangos from an avocado tree,
and we don't get corn from the banana plant;
we produce what we are.
Help us to be what you need to be produced.
Lord, hear our prayer.

thank you that you have given us the name Christian.
Now give us the strength to carry it.
Lord, hear our prayer.

there is a big devil called Discouragement.
We ask you to send him away because he is bothering us.
Lord, hear our prayer.

O Lord,
make you and me like coffee with milk.
Mixed together we can never be separated.