Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Coming home late on the Emmaus road

I came home late to find that one of the copies of Rowan Williams Headwaters had been delivered. It's a wonderfully exciting book, as poetry so often is - calming and speaking to the mind and spirit in new and unexpected ways. Somehow it is simply "pleasing" and yet much more than that too - perhaps exhilarating is more the word.

As this year's week of prayer for Chrisitian Unity focuses on the Emmaus story I was very moved to read the Archbishop of Canterbury's poem inspired by that story:
"we cannot learn
the rhythm we are asked to walk,
and what we hear is not each other.
Between us is filled up, the silence
is filled up, "

The final line particularly moved me for no reason I can explain:

"and our released voices shine with water."