Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Leadership, responsibility, transparency ...

“Value the work of others, the dignity of your own work is not diminished by this.”

It's been a while since I quoted anything from an all staff meeting but our new general secretary offered us this quote on Monday. It moved me quite deeply, because I know that it is intended for me just as much as it is intended for others. Relationships in the workplace are of such key importance, yet they can never always be easy.
I also liked the story that this phrase had been found by him and his cousins in one of his aunt's cookbooks when they were sorting through her things after her death.
In many ways this short sentence almost represents a spiritual exercise - what is it that I can value in work done by others, even when relationships are strained? It really does almost sound like something my spiritual director might ask me do ...
Quite a challenge in the workplace.