Friday, 1 January 2010

Memories of Venice

We have had a relaxing New Year's day eating, drinking and talking with two good friends. It has been good for us.
We have also made an attempt to deal with the hundreds of photos we took (with our splendid mobile phones) while in Venice.
You can see my photos here and Dr B's here.
When we arrived back from the city of canals both of us felt rather seasick and "swimmy" for a while as if our bodies were trying to adjust to not being on board either a vaporetto or a tilting train - or maybe it was withdrawal symptoms from drinking prosecco!
It was a real privilege to be able to be in Venice at such a special time of the year. It was good to simply drink in the beauty, get lost in sidestreets and switch off. A good way to bring the year to a close in a city with no cars.
The water, its sound, reflection and movement was both relaxing and energising, making me more aware of how light falls and opens up new ways of seeing. Visiting the Peggy Guggenheim collection of futurist and modern art on our last day also did that. I particularly loved the Anish Kapoor sculpture of polished granite (2nd row far right) which reflects those looking at it upside down and shows you leaving and entering the reflection on the opposite side. Quite a good sculpture to think about as we begin the month of Janus - looking backwards and forwards all at once.
Will the new year that opens really change my perspective, will travel to Venice have broadened my mind or narrowed it?
Happy New Year to you all, whatever your perspectives.