Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sometimes editing opens up whole new worlds to you

This weekend new worlds have been opened to me while editing - poetic worlds, strange worlds, worlds only available in translation - unless you happen to read Norwegian.
The book pictured here "The dream we carry" by Olav H. Hauge is a bilingual edition in English and Norwegian of Hauge's poetry and I th ink I may have to buy a copy.
Here are some extracts from from what Olivia Cronk says about him:

Olav Hauge was a Norwegian farmer and gardener. He had an orchard in the town in which he was born, Ulvik. He read hungrily many types and tones of poetry. He translated. He labored on a small bit of land.

I love the idea of "Trusting your life to water and eternity". And here is part of Robert Bly's translation of one of Hauge's poems:

This is the dream we carry through the world
that something fantastic will happen
that it has to happen
that time will open by itself
that doors shall open by themselves
that the heart will find itself open
that mountain springs will jump up
that the dream will open by itself
that we one early morning
will slip into a harbor
that we have never known.