Thursday, 15 November 2007

Dieu serait-il masculin?

I've been out at an evening at the back neff café in Plainpalais. I was talking about might God be masculine, at the last of a series of three theological cafés trying to find new ways of talking about God. A colleague who knows very little about feminist theology asked me to help him out by offering some reflections.
In the discussion we came up with the usual stuff about God being neither male nor female but "other" (this is easier to say in French than in English). Nice as it was there was basically noone there and when you go to a church you don't know you always notice things you wouldn't if you were on home territory - like no notice anywhere for tonight's meeting outside - no notice on the door saying come in. I think that it probably happens better in France where the theological cafes take place in real cafés with smoke and beer and no doubt heckling as well. Might have put us on our mettle a bit more. Despite the vicious cold it was good to get out and do something a bit different.