Monday, 19 November 2007

From Geneva to Paris and on to St Pancras

So despite the notices to the contrary my train left Geneva on time last night. The most hair raising part of the journey was as ever the taxi ride across Paris to my brother Richard's flat, there were one or two moments when I thought I might never make it across the channel.
This morning I also wondered whether I'd make it onto the Eurostar without breaking my legs on the 5 flights of beautiful but slippery wooden stairs down from Richard's.
The journey by Eurostar was uneventful except it was amazing to be travelling so fast in the uk - the British part of the journey is now really the shortest part and seems mainly to be in a tunnel.
It all rather spoilt me for the onward journey to Birmingham later in the day which was at a rather more usual (UK) train speed.
Anyway here are some pictures - a bit of a mess but I hope technical support back in Ferney will deal with these problems. I'm looking forward to exploring St Pancras in a bit more detail next week when I spend a few days there. Today I negotiated the Metropolitan line and went out to Rickmansworth to vist our aunt Keukch, also known as Gertie.

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aahollas said...

You are still busy as I can recall, but also as fun as I remember.

Your blog is clean and joyfull to read.