Friday, 30 November 2007

Take the lead - preparing for World Aids Day

Photo (c) Stephen Brown/ENI

I attended an excellent service for World Aids Day in the Ecumenical Centre chapel. It was prepared by the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, the World YWCA and local Genevan AIDS groups.
The liturgy was written by three women Rev. Elizabeth Hernandez Carillo, Laura Figueroa Granados, a Baptist theologian, and Guillermina Plascencia Favila, a social worker and advisor to the Semilla de Esperanza, a project that works with boys and girls who live with HIV.
It included a powerful moment when we all stood to look at the red ribbon and remember people we knew living with HIV and AIDS and then turned away from the ribbon one after another literally turning our backs on the problem. This was linked with prayers of confession, and turning back to listening to words of forgiveness and hearing the gospel. It worked well, as did the handing on of small candles to each other saying "Take the Lead".
You can find the full liturgy in English, French, Spanish and German on the EAA website and worship resources from other years here.
Anyway after this powerful service written and led by women we were handed the full text of the World YWCA's Nairobi Call to Action.