Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Kings Cross St Pancras - opening today

Early on Sunday morning I shall take the eurostar from Paris to London and arrive at the new Kings Cross St Pancras railway station, the opening was today. I think that wil be my sixth European capital by rail since early September - Bern, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, London. I haven't taken the plane for 15 months and counting. So I'm trying to be a bit responsible about my carbon footprint.
Of course Stephen thinks that the only thing really attracting me to King's Cross is Europe's longest champagne bar. Not quite sure that this will be what I want at 11 on a Sunday morning.


Gustavo Bonato said...

So... You haven´t taken a plane MAINLY because of the carbon footprints? Or was that just a coincidence?

Jane said...

Well I LOVE travelling by train, it's sort of more sensual than travelling by plane. And I suppose that I did feel that as a rich person I could at least try to do something for the environment.
It is true too though that coming into the champagne bar at St Pancras does have a bit more class than arriving at a luggage carousel at Heathrow - so maybe I'm just a travel snob!