Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Reading the Psalms ... with the Cloister Walk

Ever since I first read it a few years ago I enjoy dipping in and out of Kathleen Norris' book The Cloister Walk.
For morning prayer yesterday morning I read out a passage from the book which included this:
"As I began to immerse myself in monastic liturgy, I found that I was also immersed in poetry and was grateful to find that in teh poetic nature of the psalms, their constant movement between the mundane and the exalted means, as British Benedictine Sebastian Moore has said, that 'God behaves in the psalms in ways he is not allowed to behave in systamiatic theology.'"

I'm not sure that the idea of God behaving badly is an entirely worthy one for my early morning meditation but it made me wryly smile...