Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Windows of vulnerability - a kingdom sign

A window of vulnerability was a term used to describe a hole in a defence system during the time of debates about star wars. It's also a term used by Dorothee Sölle as the title of a book developing a political spirituality. In German Sölle used the phrase Fenster der Verwundbarkeit - not just vulnerability but also ability to be wounded. The book has a section entitled - security is death something for our security obsessed age.
I have been thinking about vulnerability and strength today - how vulnerable and how strong is God asking me to be? How strong and how vulnerable are we called to be as communities? People have talked to me about their pain and frustration, showed me their vulnerability. Does voicing those concerns, vulnerabilities and fears give people strength in some way? Does the listening one become more vulnerable? There's a power for my spirituality in the juxtaposition of these two seeming opposites.
I haven't arrived at any answers, but allowing myself time to muse on this has been my sign of the kingdom today: an understanding that God is both strong and vulnerable and that we who are created in God's image also have these qualities.