Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Reform reforms - a cracking good read for thinking people

I was delighted to come home late last night to find our first copy of the relaunched Reform in the letter box. And it is a real relaunch - now in full colour with more pages and more content - and more staff as well. With the first of two articles by Walter Brueggemann, a guide by John Campbell to Richard Dawkins' arguments and the launch of a regular green page campaigning on environmental issues it really is setting out to be what it claims to be under the strapline: news, comment, inspiration, debate. And quite apart from that it's a really good read. I can tell because Dr B was reading it while walking along to the bus this morning - it won out over the croissant in his other hand.
Congratulations to Kay Paris the new editor and the whole of the communications team. At the relaunch at the URC's assembly Kay said, “It will be a cracking good read for thinking people. Churchgoers today have a complex relationship with faith. They expect to read engaging, thought-provoking, challenging material and to encounter views and interpretations they can agree with, or disagree with.”
It's great, and at last a GB publication which can begin to hold its own in terms of discussion and debate with Réforme in France or Riforma in Italy. You can subscribe here.