Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Gender justice for (Lutheran) daily bread

You can follow the Lutheran World Federation's women's pre assembly meeting and their blog here.
This morning women brought grains, bread and baskets from many lands, bringing to life the 11th LWF Assembly theme, Give Us Today Our Daily Bread. Women took fabric squares and wrote on them a word of hope for our futures together. Women raised their voices in song and praise, praying as the one who is the bread of heaven taught us, lifting up the prayer in a wonderful cacophony of languages. This was our opening worship.

Meanwhile, the LWF has also elected a new general secretary, Martin Junge from Chile, this week. The LWF also has a new website that Terri Miller has been working hard on in recent months.


angela said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am very interested in the Lutheran World Federation's work. I'm taking a class with Dr. Root right now and he speaks often about being there and what has happened in the world of faith because of LWF.

Jane said...

Angela thanks for your comment - Michael Root is a great guy - very interesting and a fine theologian - I met him in Klingethal in Alsace near Strasbourg about 15 years ago. He also writes very well.
I think the LWF is doing some really great stuff around Daily Bread - one of my colleagues is just editing the final version of some meditations on daily bread and communication. communion and communication.