Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Kässmann elected - excellent news!

More to be found out on the EKD site soon. We've just announced the news at our staff meeting here to applause from all present. Good news.


Fulata said...

To god be the glory...such a miracle only God can accomplish it within the structures of the church. 28 years after, what Jurgen moltmann said still stands: patrarchy as a system of male domination is very ancient. Though it was not started by Christianity, yet Christianity has proved 'incapable' of successfully resisting it (1981: 4 in the sheffield report).

Jane said...

I agree Fulata - the forces of patriarchy are as strong as ever, but occasionally we get some breakthroughs. Men have had all of the leadership positions in the church for nearly 2000 years, we have some very brilliant women now in key roles. Only when we have as many mediocre women as we have mediocre men in key positions will things really have changed.
This isn't to plead in favour of medicrity but rather that if all of us are allowed to be human rather than "brilliant" or "exceptional" we might have begun to truly be part of the community of women and men God created.

Tom Zweifler said...

Is this not time to start thinking about how to stocktake in 2011 on 30 years of the Sheffield report - meanwhile the German Protestant magazine ZEITZEICHEN has an article about 20 years since the EKD discussed the Community of Women and Men in the church: after setting a target of at least 40% of women in leadership positions, the departments of the EKD are led by 7 men and one woman, the other sections by 5 men and 1 women.