Thursday, 22 October 2009

Women's work

There is an excellent post here by Paola Salwan of the YWCA about gender imbalance in the workplace. It makes for salutory reading.
You know what guys despite all of your moaning about "positive discrimination" and political correction you've still got it made. You get the jobs, the salaries and you get to moan about feminism too. Meanwhile women are doing an awful lot of the work that makes you look good.
Rant over (well nearly...)
Here's an extract from Salwan's article:
sadly, women are still not equal in the workplace to their male counterparts. According to the observer of the Organisation for the Economical Cooperation and Development, inequalities happen both in terms of salary ranges, but also in terms of opportunities of work. This means that, all other things being equal (experience, studies etc), a male will still earn more than a female worker.

Paola, originally from Lebanon, also blogs at the bilingual French/English Café Thawra. I'm looking forward to having more time to read that over the weekend.
In the meantime I shall try not to get too depressed at the prospects for younger and older women in the workplace, in the churches in life ...


Joseph Daher/ Paola Salwan said...

Many, many thanks for this post. I'll try and keep you interested in the upcoming ones :-)

Jane said...

Paola - it's a pleasure I shall put a permanent link to your blog on my sidebar -when I get around to it!