Thursday, 29 October 2009

Working below the surface ...

My copy of this book has just arrived.Working Below the Surface: The Emotional Life of Contemporary Organisations (Tavistock Clinic) by Clare Huffington (Editor), David Armstrong (Editor).
At the end of an intensive and quite emotional week of meetings at work it's going to make for some stimulating reading over the weekend as I return to writing my diploma in leadership. there are fascinating looking chapters: from sycophant to saboteur, what women leaders can tell us, the vanishing organization and a whole section on working with the experience of vulnerability.
Posting the book here is in part a way of getting teh creative juices flowing again for the weekend, it's also my way of saying that posting here may be rather intermittant in the weeks ahead. Even if I'm not blogging here, I am still writing, working below the surface you might say. The most irritating about having to write is that I don't have time to read my favourite blogs as much as I would like. Ah well there's always the Christmas holidays.
Anyway I can't tell you how excited I am about what I am reading and what I am trying to write

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Lac19 said...

the vanishing organization? why does that sound familiar to me?