Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Bible - world heritage exhibition at UNESCO Paris

The Alliance Biblique Française is launching its brilliant new exhibition on the Bible "La Bible Patrimoine de l'humanité" with a series of events at UNESCO in Paris. There are a series of events as part of the 8-12 February exhibition at UNESCO including a gala event on the Friday evening for artists, writers, singers and musicians who evoke the Bible in their work. Just wish I was in Paris next week ...
To understand how important an exhibition at UNESCO is in the French context you have to begin to understand the concept of laïcité which means that it is complicated to get any state support for cultural exhibitions with a religious theme.
The Alliance Biblique française site has a useful overview of the various Bible translations in French.
You can also find a report of the number of languages the Bible (or rather part of the Bible) has been translated.
If the exhibition makes it to Lyon or Geneva I'll have to try and get to it.