Thursday, 11 February 2010

Seven Weeks for Water is back and this year it's holy!

Seven Weeks for Water is back and this year it's holy! "Holy Water – Water, worship and prayer" is the theme of this year’s Lenten reflections provided by the Ecumenical Water Network based at the World Council of Churches in Geneva. Starting at the beginning of Lent, seven weekly reflections will explore the connection between the use of water in liturgical practices and our "daily water".

The reflections are posted week by week along with complementary links and ideas for activities for individuals and congregations. Among them are reflections on Christ's baptism by the Rev. Dr David Holeton of Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), the Blessing of Waters by Elias Crisostomo Abramides of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and South America, as well as "Living wet" by Presbyterian theologian and song-writer Rev. Chip Andrus.

Holy water is the theme of the Lenten meditations on water that will be published week by week on the Ecumenical Water Network's site.
Today some liturgical and other resources in preparation for World Water Day on 22 March were posted :
Water in the desert” – Order of Service for the Fifth Sunday of Lent (21 March 2010)

Water, Passion and Betrayal” - An order of Communion for Maundy Thursday(regular readers of this blog may recognise this material)

Please also download World Water Day tool kit with more ideas and resources for activities around World Water Day on 22nd March.

Ce qui est encore mieux c'est que vous pouvez aussi lire et commenter en français.

Sie können auch auf deutsch mitmachen und lesen.

En español tambien.

Not only holy but multilingual as well!


janetlees said...

I'm all for multilingual water: haben sei wasser?
I've asked for a link to go on the V4L Lent stuff.

Jane said...

Thanks so much that's great!