Saturday, 6 February 2010

The new monasticism ... and the old me

Janet has written two great posts about the new monasticism, inspired it would seem by radio 4. I liked her description of herself as a "de-churched hermit". The splendid Paul Fromont has also been doing a lot of reading and writing about new monasticism.
Somewhere I realise that I have internalised and very western and non-celtic version of monasticism - given that I am an English non-conformist this is a bit strange but it's the way it goes. Meanwhile I realised that no matter how new the new monasticism may be it will still be the same old me trying to make sense of it. I'm much more in and of the church than Janet and Paul, still trying to get the institution to work, believing in reform rather than revolution. Somewhere along the line my radical edge seems to have got pretty blunt.
Hmm ... so I probably need to learn a little more abotu the Celtic monastic tradition than I've managed so far by reading Peter Tremayne's crime novels. I'm a sad case.

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janetlees said...

I borrowed the image of the 'de-churched hermit' from George Lings - because it seemed very apt. Currently reading about Guernica - will bring it and some other things to you. loads of love.