Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Holy water starts to get wet, wet, wet ...

Over on Seven Weeks for Water things are getting wet. This week Chip Andrus encourages us to think wet and live wet as we consider the true and deeper meaning of our baptism.

The Church consists of people born of water and the Spirit in baptism. Baptism is a journey only completed in death and therefore we are called to “live wet” or practice the faith we covenanted to live with God and one another throughout our lives.
When we intentionally make connections between all water and the water of baptism, we can then find the sacredness of every encounter with this basic element of life and death. On the other hand we may find the defilement of God’s sacredness when water is polluted, deprived to humans, used as a means of wealth, or used for torture.
I was baptised as a small baby by a minister who spoke Welsh as well as English. He spent most of his working life as a teacher and helped out in the local congregation when there was no minister. Shortly before his death he also officiated at the legal part of our marriage.
Chip Andrus' piece has helped me during this Lenten time to think about what it means for me to be a baptised Christian - am I really following Christ into the deepest depths and the strongest promise of living wet?

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janetlees said...

I also like the image of 'living wet'. It is my habit to 'remember my baptism' in some sense in the morning but perhaps i also need to take more account of opportunities throughout the day to 'live wet'.