Sunday, 7 March 2010

The threat and promise of resurrection in good and evil

At catechism yesterday we tried to tackle the small issues of good and evil, the meaning of faith and the cross ...
The mobile phone photos here show part of how we worked with this. We went through some old newspapers and magazines choosing pictures of good and evil and then made a good and evil collage. Interestingly we had more material for the good collage than for the evil one which was perhaps heartening!
We had first tried to begin to understand the big questions around good and evil by reading the story of Cain and Abel. After we had made the collages we first did a bit of remembered Bible and then read the whole of the passion narrative in Luke's gospel before and after lunch together. Noone seemed bored.
Just before the end of our time together I said right now we're going to destroy our works of art and make something new out of them. So we chopped up the good and evil collages and then used the different pieces created to make a cross (well actually three crosses as we had rather more material than we expected). The cross is a complex symbol, both a sign of torture and death and of resurrection and hope.
So yesterday's catechism was in may ways an attempt at a theology of the cross using glue scissors and wasate paper. I think it worked quite well, helping us in Lenten time to prepare for and understand some of Easter's threat and promise.