Friday, 19 March 2010

Women's lunch and the women's Haggadah

I squeezed my timetable today to go to a women's lunch that my fabulous colleagues from the womens desks of the LWF and WCC had organised for women from all of the organisations working in the Ecumenical Centre. We were fortunate to have quite alot of the women from the World YWCA with us. It was fun, it was good, it was uplifting and we have projects to make our voices heard within our churches and organisations. Though as I said at the end it is not only about voice it is also about power!
It was a good, creative and straightforward time and reminded me what a special and brilliant place I work in. It's a privilege even if it doesn't always feel like that every moment of every day!

Elaine Neuenfeldt began our meeting by reading this"Song of Questions" from A Women's Haggadah by E. M. Broner and Naomi Nimrod. Looks like I may have to buy this sometime too ... am I the clever, wicked or simple daughter - or a bit of all three?

The Song of Questions

Mother, asks the clever daughter,
Who are our mothers?
Who are our ancenstors?
What is our history?
Give us our name. Name our genealogy.

Mother, asks the wicked daughter,
If I learn my history
will I not be angry?
Will I not be bitter as Miriam
who was deprived of her prophecy?

Mother asks the simple daughter,
If Miriam lies buried in sand,
Why must we remove her from sun and stone?
Where she belongs?

The one who knows not how to question
she has no past,
she can have no future
without knowing her mother,
without knowing her angers
without knowing her questions.

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Mavis said...

This sounds such an amazing event. So glad you squeezed it into your day and also that you shared the song of questions